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New Real Estate Agent Training NYC

Posted by Mont Sky Real Estate on April 21, 2017
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We firmly believe that the best training a new agent can have is real world training. That’s why only agents at Mont Sky have the opportunity to work on live buy and sell side transactions so early in their careers. However, before you begin hosting open houses and searching for buyers, it’s important for you to understand the fundamentals of real estate sales.

Please read the following training articles at your own pace. We recommend at least one article per day until you finish. These subjects as well as more advanced concepts will also be taught at regular classroom sessions either by our attorney partners or management.

Lastly, self reliance is a critical trait in this industry. That means you should strive to figure out anything you don’t know on your own. Everything is online these days and a cursory internet search will answer any question. If you seriously cannot figure something out, please feel free to consolidate your questions and either ask the team or management via our secure messaging application or in person during office hours.  Good luck and see you on the ground!

New Real Estate Agent Training Program | Mont Sky Real Estate NYC

Getting Started as a New Real Estate Agent in NYC

Getting Started as a New Real Estate Agent in NYC

New Real Estate Agent Training NYC

How Commissions Work in Real Estate in NYC

Getting started with rentals in NYC

Getting started on your first rental deal

Condo vs Co-op Apartments and Other Property Types in NYC

Condo vs Co-op Apartments and Other Property Types

nyc condo co-op closing process

The Offer Submission through Closing Process

New York City Real Estate Closing Costs

Real Estate Closing Costs in NYC

Tips for Searching for Home Buyers in NYC

Searching for listings for buyer clients

Buying an apartment in Manhattan doesn't have to be difficult if you work with the right firm.

What does a buyer's agent do?

Selling real estate in NYC is a core competency of Mont Sky Real Estate.

What's expected of you as a listing agent?

Sourcing your own real estate clients in NYC

Sourcing your own clients

Disclosure Forms and Listing Agreements in NYC

Disclosure Forms and Listing Agreements in NYC

718 Broadway Apartment 4C

Expectations for Mont Sky Leads and Referrals

How to price your home in NYC

Pricing and Comparable Market Analysis

Ready to join the best team in the city?

You don’t need to spend years in rentals before being “allowed” to break into sales. Get started in sales today with high commission splits starting from 75%, buyer and seller leads and no hidden fees!

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