What we expect from you

Copy us on all emails

It’s important to understand that these are our clients that we are trusting you to help with, so please keep us in the loop. As a new agent it’s important for us to witness your communication style so we can help you improve and step in when necessary to help you recover from a misstep.

Independent Status is earned

Only our most experienced agents have earned Independent Status. That means we trust them to take a referral completely off our hands in return for a set vs discretionary commission split. It means we can rely on them to do everything from meeting the client to closing the deal while keeping us updated regularly.

Sales leads are very valuable

Leads are difficult and expensive to acquire. There are 50,000 licensed agents in NYC and only 5,000 closed deals per year. Zillow charges up to $200+ per buyer lead with a several thousand dollar minimum monthly spend and a 6 month contract. There is no way to purchase the seller leads we generate.

Keep us updated on our leads

We recommend keeping a spreadsheet updated or using our CRM software to keep yourself organized. Leads are handed out based on performance, so if leads consistently disappear with no follow up by you, we reserve the right to stop providing you with additional leads.

Don't ask about commissions

Commission splits on our leads are discretionary for new agents for obvious reasons. Would you agree to a revenue split in advance with someone you just met? It’s as unreasonable in the real world as it is here. We look out for agents who are focused on getting deals done.

Join REBNY immediately

We are a REBNY Member Firm and all of our agents are required to join REBNY within 90 days of associating. Failure to do so could mean the loss of our access to the RLS (REBNY Listing Service) and monetary penalties from REBNY. We may be forced by REBNY to disassociate you.

Write with attention to detail

Email is often the first contact with a potential client so it’s imperative that we have perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation. If your first impression is one of sloppy written English, why would someone trust you with something more complicated like their home purchase?

Take your professional photo

Schedule your complimentary, professional photo with our photographers as soon as possible. Remember to send us a short biography that we can include with your photo on our website. Please also set up your agent profiles on 3rd party sites.

Be patient, persistent and positive

Always be willing to learn and consistently improve. Everything in real estate including salesmanship can be learned. If you are willing to follow the golden rule of always being positive, persistent and patient no matter what then we are happy to invest in you.

Management's promise to you

We have always been and will always be fair when it comes to discretionary commission payments for your work on our clients. All we ask is for you to be a team player and to work hard together on our deals. You are free at any point to source your own leads and never worry about copying us on emails.

The commission split on your own deals is in writing per your independent contractor agreement.

Everything is optional

Mont Sky Real Estate agents at work. Bottom photo shows an office with a Mont Sky logo on the wall.

Agent acknowledgement

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