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Oniel Alexander
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
(718) 304-3845

More About Me

With over 13-years working in the Accounting field, Oniel Alexander has delicately worked his way into the hearts of many. Mr. Alexander received his Accounting Degree from Brooklyn College the City University of New York. An immigrant from the beautiful island of Grenada, Mr. Alexander has resided in New York City for almost 20 years. After buying his first home, Mr. Alexander developed a keen interest in real estate which quickly became his passion. As an overachiever, Currently, he holds a license in real estate and has been in the real estate field for over 15-years. He is extremely knowledgeable of the local housing market and knows the ins and outs in this industry. He is also very detailed and has a problem solver mindset which is an essential tool one needs to own when working in the real estate field. “Real Estate has become my Passion.” Is the words of Mr. Alexander who loves indulging in architectural designs in his free time. With his engaging personality, Mr. Alexander treats all his clients with professionalism, kindness and understanding. “You want it, I’ll find!” is Mr. Alexander’s slogan as he works tirelessly to help you move into your dream home.or sell your current home “I will go above and beyond to make your dream come true.

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