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Michael Marazzo
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Growing up in central jersey I would come to New York a lot to go to shows or eat at the restaurants and especially attend Yankee games. I fell in love with the city and all that it had to offer and knew that one day I would make New York my home. After school was behind me, my first actual job had me coming to the city a lot for work. Spending so much time here in all the different neighborhoods gave me a tremendous sense of the melting pot that New York is. Each neighborhood is special and unique in its own way and have something to offer for anyone who wants to be part of them.

My father had multiple properties that he would manage and by default I was also made responsible for those properties. Helping him take care of them brought me a lot of joy, not only because I got to spend time with him, but because I truly enjoyed it. The real estate business was part of me and I was always drawn to it, much like I was to New York City. Once I was able to, I acquired a couple properties of my own that I now manage and look after on a daily basis. This gave me a strong understanding of the business and dedication that is needed to have happy clients. Getting my real estate license was a natural step in my progression of life and couldn’t be happier once I achieved it. Being a very dedicated, organized and committed agent for you is my top priority.

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